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A Friendly Reminder

Now that the busy holiday shopping season is in full swing, we’ve been giving big thanks to Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, Cyber Monday and those specially tagged days that help us find great deals.

As we’re comparing all those special prices, let’s not forget about all those members of the service industry who are taking care of us. The folks who work in restaurants, airlines, retail, hospitality and online who are already busting it out and are doing their best to make the holidays easier and more efficient for us.

Yeah, okay, maybe It’s easy to brush it off with a dismissive ‘it’s their job’ and you wouldn’t be wrong. But how about this? As we’re giving thanks for family, friends, good times to come and great deals on electronics, take a real moment to give a ‘thank you’ or some other shout out to those in the service industry.

Give it a shot. Pay it forward. See what happens.

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